Post-Storm Beauty at Sea

I was riding through Capitola and stopped to shoot this photo of the Capitola Cliffs. I think a shot of the same location in the morning light would be nice, too. When I'm riding my BMW 1150GS I get into what I call destination mode and rarely get off

The Journey Toward Minimalism and Living Small

I'm not sure when I first encountered the concepts of minimalism and living small but I think it was very early in my college experience. I attended a Christian university in Southern California and it was there I discovered the historical accounts of the Essenes, Hindu mystics,  and Buddhist monks who

iFilms, Crowdfunding, and My Creative Future

iFilms To date, I've not been a filmmaker. However, with short films like this one being shot using the iPhone 6 Plus, I've begun thinking I could be. With proper planning, storyboarding (a skill I use in my consulting business), good lighting, and of course my iPhone 6 Plus, it just might be