Recently, I discovered the Bullet Journal analog system for productivity management.

In a very brief time, it’s completely changed the way I approach everything having to do with planning, scheduling, and journaling.  Take a look at this brief video:

It’s transformed the way I organize my professional and personal pursuits. So much so that I’ve dedicated this site to exploring more ways to bring value to others who also use the system.

As a way of helping others, I decided to create some tools

So I created a 26-page PDF Quick Reference Guide and an 8-Lesson Power-User eCourse.

You can receive the Quick Reference Guide and the first 2 lessons of the Power-User eCourse free when you subscribe to this blog. 


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About Me

cropped-1529692_10200649136225744_37416029_o.jpgI’ve been a productivity junkie for four decades. I’ve used all kinds of time management systems, some costing hundreds of dollars including in-person seminars.

In all that time, no single system ever worked for me like Bullet Journal does.

It’s easy to understand why if you’ve ever abandoned a journal or notebook. It comes down to this:

If it doesn’t fit your personal style and/or preferences, it’s not going to last long.

Bullet Journal gives you the freedom to use it however you want, however it best fits your preferences – to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.

Click here to get both the PDF and Two Free Lessons from the eCourse