I’ve been reading Cal Newport’s book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

(It’s also the only book with ‘Trump’ in the title that I’d ever read.)

In it, Newport makes a methodical case for undermining the find your passion in order to do what you love approach to work. 

I generally support his view as I’ve written on the topic of finding your most meaningful work by looking not at where your passion lies, but at what you know you do well already.

It’s takes a bit of explanation, but I maintain that what we do well is determined by our genetic material, namely our DNA.

Here’s how I see it:

  • We are predetermined via our our DNA toward doing certain things well
  • If we engage these natural talents and abilities and nurture them via practice and training, we can learn to do these well
  • There are some abilities that come more naturally to us than others, again via our genetics
  • Those activities that place us in a sense of flow where we lose all track of time and space (for me it’s writing and teaching) can be labeled our most meaningful work

Newport doesn’t get into this level of detail, but he does agree that passion is developed over time via what he calls deliberate practice.


I applaud him for writing this book; for so meticulously setting out for anyone willing to read this important book just how to create a career that you feel passionate about.

It’s not via an in-born passion, but rather the deliberate result of working to obtain master status like champion chess players.

I think this is very important, especially now in this time of political upheaval. I’m writing about this because I think it’s important for each of us to strive daily to do what we do best better than anything or anyone else.

There is no such thing as a safe job, a lifetime employer, or even a pension plan (with rare exception). Now is the time to wake up to the fact that the state, your employer, nor your family is going to take care of you in the long-term.

If you truly want to the security of a lifetime plan, then you need to become so good they can’t ignore you.


There is a plan… or two… afoot

When I sent the email out to subscribers on the evening of the 17th, I left something out. It has to do with something I’ve have on a back burner for a bit, but didn’t have the space nor opportunity to implement.

Now that the Bullet Journal relationship has been severed, I’m free to develop the open planner system that I’ve envisioned and experimented with over the past few years. It combines the best features of several analog systems I’ve used and it will be free. It won’t infringe on anyone’s copyright as it’s truly my own and free to all.

A truly open system

There won’t be any specified notebooks, no app to pay for, just a truly open system for getting more stuff done with pen and paper… and smartphone if that suits you.

It’s not over ’til it’s over and trust me, it’s not over.

Stay tuned,


When Lawyers Get Involved, It Always Means Trouble

As many of you can attest – my focus on this site over the past few years has been to help others get more from the simple organization system known as Bullet Journal. I first saw Ryder Carroll’s YouTube video back in 2102 and immediately got on board using the simple system. 

At that time, there was little that Ryder was doing to teach others how to get more from the system. There was a Google Plus Community that mostly contained artsy-fartsy type formatting. I saw a market that was going unserved and so I authored a quick and free guide that did just that.

The guide led to an premium online course delivered via email and then a book and two reports that taught students how to use the system for both business and in the college/university setting. 

Enter the Cease and Desist Letter

At no time in the past few years did I ever receive a blog comment, a tweet, a Facebook comment or an email from Ryder in an attempt to establish contact with me. Had he done so, I would’ve kindly replied and spoken to him without objection. 

Today I received an official cease and desist letter from his attorney requesting that I cease immediately from any commercial operations whereby I would infringe upon his copyright. Even though the letter failed to demonstrate exactly how I had infringed upon his copyright, I have no problem desisting from said activities. If anything, I helped draw more attention to the system and the shortcomings in terms of training.

Had Ryder extended to me the courtesy of a conversation, the same outcome would’ve been reached, albeit in a less threatening and more gentlemanly manner. I mean, who needs to spar with lawyers and shit when a kind request would do the same thing? 

The Page Turns

As it stands now, in order to comply with the request from Ryder’s attorney I’ve removed the links and references to The Bullet Journal Power User Guide & Reports from this site. It’s not an inconvenience for me. I’ve long had a diversified approach to income generation and this is but a small part of my overall approach.

I’m going to give this domain a rest for a while before deciding how to move forward. I have other businesses to operate and I’ll put this one on the back burner so-to-speak for a while. The blog articles relating to Bullet Journal have also been unpublished. 

Good luck in your Bullet Journal endeavors and if you have a question, you can always ask me by using the same contact form the attorney did.

It’s here.  😎 

Thank you for your loyal readership; It’s been a pleasure serving your Bullet Journal needs. 


The blog will be quiet for this week as I take the time to grieve the loss of my beloved dad. My dad passed away on Saturday, February 4 just six days after I returned from my travels in the UK and France.  I’m choosing to think that he waited for me to return.

He lived an extraordinary life and I’ll be sharing a bit of that online in a few weeks and months. Until then, be well and live your unconventionally extraordinary life with courage and purpose.