Barry-BWMMB is a tiny publishing company that produces elegant micromagazines.

I’m Barry Wayne Morris, writer and publisher at MMB. I’m the author of three books, including my most recent, The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual.

Why micromagazines?

Micromagazines are a relatively new media format. They can be just like any other print magazine and have tons of annoying ads and a few meaningful articles, or in the case of T.Y.P.E., contain tightly-written articles around a central theme, amazing photographs and illustrations, and because they are published in PDF, are beautiful to read on your laptop or tablet.

What’s T.Y.P.E.?

T.Y.P.E. is the free micromagazine for writers who want to self-publish. It offers my thoughts and experiences in self-publishing as well as interviews with those who make their living publishing their own work.  T.Y.P.E. is free and available for immediate download when you subscribe to MMB. You can also purchase it for $5 if you’d rather not subscribe.  Details about Issue #1 are here.

What should I do next?

  1. Subscribe to MMB – you’ll get Issue #1 of T.Y.P.E. immediately (and all future issues) plus another gift
  2. Read the blog – the seeds that blossom later into T.Y.P.E. essays
  3. Follow me – on Twitter

9 sample pages from the 40-page Issue #1