Recently, I discovered the Bullet Journal analog system for productivity management.

In a very brief time, it’s completely changed the way I approach everything having to do with planning, scheduling, and journaling.  Take a look at this brief video:

It’s transformed the way I organize my professional and personal pursuits. So much so that I’ve dedicated this site to exploring more ways to bring value to others who also use the system.

I’ve also created a 26-page PDF Quick Reference Guide and a 4-Lesson Power-User eCourse; both are free when you subscribe!



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About Me

cropped-1529692_10200649136225744_37416029_o.jpgI’ve been a productivity junkie for four decades. I’ve used all kinds of time management systems, some costing hundreds of dollars and included in-person seminars.

In all that time, no single system ever worked for me like Bullet Journal does. It’s easy to understand why if you’ve ever abandoned a journal or notebook. It comes down to this:

If it doesn't fit your personal style and/or preferences, it's not going to last long.

Bullet Journal gives you the freedom to use it however you want, however it best fits your preferences – to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.

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About me

  • I’m awake by 4:30 most mornings
    • Although sometimes I sleep in until 6
  • I had a slight case of polio when I was 4 and 5
    • I had to wear corrective shoes for a while afterward (magic legs)
  • I lived in Tennessee, Alabama, New Hampshire, Texas, and California by age 12
    • My dad was an aerospace engineer and we moved a lot
  • I didn’t attend university until most of my contemporaries were graduating
    • I was always a late bloomer

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A bit more…

  • After dropping out of university in 1976, I flew to England to live for a while
    • I lived in Hexham, Northumberland (just south of the Scottish border)
  • My time in England was a pivotal experience and altered my life forever
    • I have the tattoos to prove it 
  • I hold two degrees: a BS in biology and a Doctorate in medicine
    • I eventually endured 4 years of university and 4 years of medical school
  • I have four children, four granddaughters and one grandson
    • They live in Ohio, South Carolina, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz, CA

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We’re almost done…

  • I write every day in both my Bullet Journal and on my MacBook
    • I’ve published three books and scores of posts over the years
  • I was a single, custodial parent to my youngest son for over 12 years
    • I’m still single, but he’s now a grown man
  • I ride two BMW motorcycles: an R1150GS and an R1100RT
    • But only one at a time
  • I don’t drink much alcohol but have trouble passing up a good cuppa joe
    • Coffeetopia, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting, and Starbucks are my usual haunts

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