30 For 30/30 #14 – The Clothes Hangar Method for Determining Your Favorite Wardrobe Items

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The Live More With Less ebook is a 27-page pdf that subscribers can download for free. It’s comprised of two sections:

  • Part 1 – 7 Lessons from Practicing Minimalism
  • Part 2 – How to Get Started on Your Own 

In Part 2, I review the top four most effective methods of starting your minimalist journey. For today’s 30 For 30/30 post, we’ll look at one of the most significant challenges for aspiring minimalists: the number volume of clothing they have in their closet.

It can be overpowering to confront your entire waardrobe and know with any certainty which items are keepers and which should be donated or sold.

The Clothes Hangar Method can help you determine which clothing items are your favorites and these are likely the ones you should keep.

The Clothes Hangar Method

The 80/20 ruled for clothing says that we receive approximately 80% of the benefit from about 20% of our clothing. Benefits might include how often you’re complimented when you wear them as well as how you feel when you wear them. It’s only natural to have favorite outfits that look and feel great. This method helps you hone in on those.

The clothes hangar method is useful for determining which items of clothing hanging in your closet(s) you get the most use from and very likely are your favorite pieces.

This is how it works for clothing in closets:

1- Arrange all your shirts together, pants together, sweaters, etc. Depending on the season, as well as where you live, you can exclude winter coats if you wish.

2- When you’re finished wearing a piece of clothing, rehang it and replace in the closet but reverse the hook position of the hangar so it’s opposite those on the rod.

3- At the end of a week or two, you can now see which items of clothing you wear most often.

If over a month’s time you still haven’t worn an item, that’s a sign from the minimalist Universe that it’s no longer needed and ready for its next owner. Count this as an important milestone in your journey. Many never even make it this far.

Sometimes we hang on to an item we never wear because it cost us a lot of money. Regardless of how much you paid for a dress, suit, or pair of shoes, if you no longer wear them, there’s a reason.

Why not discard them and allow someone else to enjoy them? 

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