30 For 30/30 #21 – The 4 Basic Facts About Your ‘Sacred Calling’

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My sacred what?

Note: OK, I’m about to grab the brass ring on the woo-woo merry-go-round, so be forewarned.  🙄 

A few years ago I wrote an ebook about finding what I called your most meaningful work (MMW), the kind of work that you become so engrossed in that it causes you to lose track of time and allows you to experience the state of flow. In my opinion, our MMW is what we all dream of doing as we grow up.

I also wrote that your MMW is nourished by what I refer to as your sacred calling. It’s a dormant seed within your being that when identified and cultivated, emerges like a lotus from the mud and points you in the direction of your life’s mission.

Yes, I said mission (hey, I warned you).

I contend that each of us has a mission in life and that its origin has nothing to do with religion, theology, or ethnicity. It’s even more empirical that those thought constructs.

Making your unique contribution to the world—one that only you can make—begins with an understanding of your sacred calling and today we’re going to talk about four facts surrounding it.

(Before I go on, let me say this. When I use the word sacred, it has no religious connotation whatsoever. Instead, sacred denotes an attitude of the deepest respect for the innate humanity we each possess.)

4 Facts About Your Sacred Calling

1. You have one. Take a moment and reflect on your life and think about those times when you were in total sync with what you were doing; when the activity seemed to make time disappear and the whole world fade into the background. We’ve all had these moments that productivity experts call flow

Flow is what happens when you engage with your sacred calling.  For me, my sacred calling has always been some form of leading others toward a more meaningful mode of living. I do this primarily through writing and on occasion, speaking to groups. Whenever I’m engaging either of these two activities, nothing else matters; it’s as if I’ve become one with the Universe in a way that defies both explanation and definition. It’s when I’m engaged in my MMW, fulfilling my mission, and because I’ve identified and cultivated my sacred calling.

Like me, you have a sacred calling, too. It’s unique to who you are and how you’re wired. That leads us to the second fact about your sacred calling, biology.

2. It’s based on biology, not theology. Some might confuse a sacred calling with a religious tradition. But that’s the not the case here. Your most sacred knowledge and awareness arise not from your theology, religion, faith, or your chosen deity. 

In fact, because it arises from your genetic material, the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) you learned about in science class, it is responsible for every single characteristic that makes you you! It’s been inside you since your earliest stages of development. Because of this, it predates any religious affiliations you may have chosen later in life. 

3. It’s unique to you and you alone. You have approximately 3.72 X 1023 cells in your adult body. Each of these cells contains your unique DNA. You, and you alone—unless you are an identical twin, triplet, or another multiple birth sibling—possess this exact genetic predisposition. Your DNA codes you to do certain things better than you do others. It codes you to sing, sculpt, paint, or nurture children. It codes you with the ability to pursue training that empowers you to organize, do higher math, crochet, engineer bridge structures, or adeptly perform surgery on newborn hearts.

Everything we do, whether we do it better than anything else or poorly, is related to our DNA. The things we do well, we devote more attention to and engage them more often and this translates into skills. Those things we do poorly we tend to ignore, but they all have their roots in our unique genetic code. 

4. It’s the most sacred knowledge you can possess. Your calling is sacred because it arises from the very core of your being. There is nothing more pure and perfect than your genetic code. It is the most empirical definition of you. Think of a newborn baby and how innocent and free from impunity they are. They are sacred, divine, and perfect.  

I have five granddaughters under the age of 10 and two grandsons under 6. I can tell you from personal experiences that each is perfectly unique with their own idiosyncrasies and quirks, tastes, and talents. In this sense, they are each led by their DNA. As they grow and are nurtured by their parents, it’s my hope that they will seek, identify, and cultivate with this non-theological element of their sacred calling. It is there they will find the success they’ll undoubtedly search for.

Your sacred calling is what you care the most about

You also have something you care most about, something that can lead you to make a unique impact on the world and on those around you. By doing the work of identifying and cultivating your sacred calling, you can position yourself to find and engage your MMW.

Do you have thoughts on this? 

I’d love to hear them in a comment. 

(45 minutes) Ooops.

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