30 For 30/30 #4 – Live Your Truth

This is the fourth post in my 30 for 30/30 series where I am publishing a new post each day for the next 30 days within a 30-minute window without much of a plan. You can read about why I’m doing this by clicking this link

This morning while it was still dark, I finished Kamal Ravikant’s second book, Live Your Truth. Kamal is a writer based in San Francisco and has also written Love Yourself -Like Your Life Depends On It, a book I read last month.

Kamal is a writer who, with a surgeon’s skill, ruthlessly resects anything extraneous, leaving only the words and ideas that really matter on each page.

I think every writer who has ever worked to find their voice can recognize the skills in others who’ve achieved it.

As is the case when I read Hemingway, the experience of reading Kamal Ravikant results in me wanting to become a better writer; one who cuts out the extraneous leaving only the rawest truth behind.

Living our truth

Before any of us can live our truth we need to know what it is. Our truth is as unique and individual as our individual DNA. It’s the triple helix of what we hold most dear.

Our truth isn’t our chosen religion or practice, but something much deeper. It’s what left after we sift through the extraneous minutia that fills our daily experience and personal history. It’s more the essence of who we are.

I don’t think that our truth has to be just one thing. In my case, kindness and self-expression are two of my truths; they are what I hope is left after I end and opinion begins. They are perhaps what I hope comes to mind for others after I’m gone.

Living our truth is a commitment to being authentic; to leaving only raw truth on the pages of our experience and, at the end of each day, being comfortable with how lived should it be our last.

What’s your truth? Are you living it each day?

If not, it’s the perfect day to begin.

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