30 For 30/30 #5 – 4 Days with the Flu

This is the fifth post in my 30 for 30/30 series where I am publishing a new post each day for the next 30 days within a 30-minute window without much of a plan. You can read about why I’m doing this by clicking this link

For the past few days, I’ve been in bed -literally in bed most of the day- with a mild case of the flu. 

Yes, I had a flu shot in November but I still contracted it. I missed last Friday and today (Monday) of work. 

I’ve felt like warmed over crap.

(Hence, the photo above. No charge for that by the way.)

I don’t have much energy today and the writing is difficult as my brain fog is definitively thicker than normal.

(Some will find this difficult to imagine.)

I’m writing in very short, declarative sentences.

(You are free to think I’m brilliantly succinct.)

I won’t bore you with a description of various symptoms and bodily fluids that have become my companions. 

(No, I didn’t have the Big D or the Big V. I knew it crossed your mind.)

However, my eyelids feel like two sheets of sandpaper rubbing against one another.

Neither my Refresh Contacts, Refresh Optive, nor my Systane Complete eyedrops are making much of a difference.

Sir Buddy is nearby, as usual, goading me into taking him for a walk.

(Doesn’t he know it’s raining?)

I’ve used up my energy budget for today.

So, as Michael Gary Scott once said,

“Catch you on the flippety-flip.”

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