Why Would I Want to ‘Live With Less’ When I’ve Worked So Hard to Obtain What I Have?

Baz, coffee-snob and minimalist

Short Answer: To be happier, more content, less frustrated, and to save a ton of money…not to mention all that free time for more coffee!

Whether you are aware of it or not, your stuff owns you, not the reverse.

It dictates what you do and how you live, not the other way around. Here are a few examples…

Example 1The bedroom closet: The amount of shoes and clothes you have dictates the size of the closet you need. If you run out of closet space, you buy shoe racks and storage bins to store those that can’t fit in your closet.

Your excessive collections of clothes and shoes not only takes up the limited space in your bedroom, but it dictates the daily search and retrieve behavior and frustrates you every day. 

Example 2The garage: Your garage stores all of the items that represent failed decision making: old sports equipment, old clothes, toys the kids no longer play with, endless bottles of outdated cleaning supplies, left-over paint cans, etc.

The failure to make small decisions about the stuff you no longer use or enjoy not only takes up space in your garage—which could be actually used for your car— but contributes to the overall frustration you feel when you open the door. 

These are only two common examples of how we have allowed our stuff to dictate how we live and mostly live unhappily.

Living With Less Stuff is Living a Happier and More Contented Life…and Actually Saves You Money

Confronting the issues that drive your consumer behavior isn’t easy, but it is possible. You can reverse the negative habits that our consumer-culture urges you to make in order the feel like you’re not missing out.  

Hi, I’m Barry—Baz to my friends, and I can tell you from experience that more stuff only leads to more frustration. I use to have these same problems but I found a way out of the endless frustration that comes with limited space, monthly storage fees, and consumer habits that brought more and more stuff into my life with less and less ever leaving.

I now write about living a more meaningful life…with a focus on living with less stuff and adopting practices that build positive habits that lead to greater meaning.

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