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Working On My Own Terms

A POST ABOUT WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO TURN PRO. For the past nine months I’ve been making 100 percent of my living via words. For the prior 8 years I worked for a large, national construction company employed as a proposal manager, which, if you really want to get technical, was still working with words. Working on my own terms…

Paul, still rockin' at 72

The Senior Citizen’s Body

A POST ABOUT CREATING A BODY OF WORK My son Jay and I attended the Paul McCartney concert closing down San Francisco’s Candlestick Park (the site of The Beatles’ last public performance) on August 28th. We were stunned by the energy and affability of the 72 year-old McCartney. His musicianship aside, McCartney stands out as one of music’s most prolific…


Writing Success is Now About Simple Math

A POST ABOUT A SIMPLE RECIPE FOR WRITING SUCCESS. The subtitle of Write. Publish. Repeat., the indie author-focused book by Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and David Wright, is: “THE NO-LUCK REQUIRED GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING SUCCESS” If you’re at all interested in making your living with words, you must refrain from running to your local bookstore to buy it. Why refrain? Because…


How To Overcome the Resistance

A POST ABOUT HOW TO SLAY THE DRAGON OF RESISTANCE An application of ‘The War of Art’ One of the most valuable books I’ve ever read is Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art (TWoA).  As such, when I recommend this book to other writers, some immediately think I’ve made a mistake. While Sun Tzu’s classic work, The Art of War,…


You Deserve a Fighting Chance

A POST ABOUT ROCKING THE STADIUM WITH YOUR WORK No one in the history of rock electrified an audience like the late Freddie Mercury, lead singer for the stadium rock supergroup, Queen. His energy was infectious and the crowd didn’t need much of it transcend into a mob of rabid fans high on Freddie’s frenzied energy. Watching him light up Wembley…


How To Make $100K / Year From Your Writing

A POST ABOUT HOW TO MAKE $100K FROM YOUR WRITING Courtney Carver runs theproject333.com where she tells stories of women (and some men) who take up the challenge to downsize their wardrobe to 33 items for three months. Her blog has been mentioned in The Oprah Magazine, ABC.com, and Forbes.com. (I’m currently getting my own wardrobe down to about 33…


T.Y.P.E. Micromagazine – Issue #1 is Free

A POST ABOUT GETTING T.Y.P.E MAGAZINE…FREE Issue #1 of T.Y.P.E. is ready for distribution This morning I put the finishing edits on the 40 pages of Issue #1 and it’s ready for consumption. I’ve allowed anyone to download this first first issue free of charge simply by subscribing to the site. If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll be getting an…

iBlogging Set Up

Everything That Remains

A POST ABOUT DOWNSIZING TO JUST THE ESSENTIALS This essay appears in Issue #1 of T.Y.P.E. Micromagazine I’ve long been a fan of living with less. When Jay, my youngest son, and I moved into our current home, we had a rather spartan and minimalist environment. Although it held a certain appeal, it seemed to need more items that would bring…


How to Ensure Your Micropublication Has a Handcrafted Feel

A POST ABOUT MAKING YOUR WRITING UNFORGETTABLE  Have you ever received a gift that was handmade just for you? There is no other gift experience quite like it. Knowing that someone took the time to design and craft such a gift imbues it with a very special quality. Gifts like this requires the giver to think deeply about the recipient and…