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We Can Never Be the Best at Anything, So We Should All Stop Trying

This might sound like a very negative position but stay with me because I have a valid point to make.

The ideal doesn’t exist

The best mile time, the best rewrite, the best photo edit, the best recipe for keto cookies, the best version of ourselves….none of these ideals exist.

Our bosses, our coach, our editor, or mentor might tell us that we’ve achieved the best version of something, but they’re wrong.

They mean well, but they’re still wrong.

Only the now exists

Your 7-minute mile (my personal best in high school – did I mention I loathe running?) might be your fastest to date, but you might still be able to shave a few seconds off of it.┬áThat technical writing piece or blog post you worked so hard to revise might be the best it’s going get in the time you have left to work on it, but it could always be better. » More »

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