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Your Overactive Mind Can Rob You of Quality Rest

Just when your head hits the pillow, your mind starts doing what it does best – generating random thoughts at light speed. After a few minutes of following these thoughts, you’re wide awake…again. For those with overactive minds due to anxiety, getting the rest you crave can seem impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

  • Do your mind’s racing thoughts keep you from falling or staying asleep?
  • Do you wish there was an effective way to decrease your mind’s activity?
  • Are you unwilling to take medication, but ready to try other approaches to decreasing your anxiety at night?

Pay What You Want

Let That Shit Go is a brief book that examines the most common issues that are keeping you up at night as well as effective practices that are proven to decrease the monkey-mind’s activity.

What’s monkey-mind? Your mind’s chief job description is to generate random thoughts at the speed of light. When this happens at night, it keeps us from falling asleep. It’s called monkey-mind because it mimics monkeys chattering in the trees.

I’m Barry, author of The Practical Buddhist. For nearly 30 years I searched for a secular way to live an ethical and meaningful life apart from the confines of organized religion.

My own experiences with anxiety led me to experiment with many modalities and I’ve not only experienced a greater sense of spiritual awakening, but my anxiety has been minimized.

I found that Buddhism (before the 26 centuries of cultural and geographic influences transformed it into a ceremonial religion) was originally a non-theist, simple mode of living that led to a more meaningful life.

Pay What You Want

Less Anxiety, Less Stress, & Better Sleep

As a practicing meditator for about 20 years, I knew that the answers to decreasing my anxiety didn’t lie in medication alone. I started to experiment with multiple treatment modalities, including THC and SBC drops, mindfulness, meditation, therapy, journaling, and self-coaching to see which ones would help me decrease my anxiety symptoms and promote better sleep and rest patterns.

I’m Dr. Barry ‘Baz’ Morris and I’ve suffered from anxiety for most of my life. Since my father passed away a couple of years ago, my symptoms that included fear, nervousness, muscle irritability, and panic attacks gradually started increasing in severity and limiting my activities.
My sleep started to suffer and some nights I couldn’t sleep more than two to three hours. I was miserable. As a physician, I knew I didn’t want to start taking pills that might have side effects, so I developed a series of daily practices aimed at promoting better rest.

I knew that I had to do something and in this brief book, I write about the results and how you can begin using my practices to calm your monkey-mind and get the sleep you deserve.

Pay What You Want

 What you’ll learn by reading ‘Let That SH*t Go’

  • How your mind works to thwart your best efforts to sleep
  • How the issues that keep you from falling asleep aren’t actually real
  • How even brief periods of mindfulness can halt anxiety symptoms
  • Why mindfulness and meditation are like Kryptonite for anxiety
  • How to start a meditation practice (even it’s it for five minutes each day)
  • How your nutritional habits impact your anxiety symptoms
  • How the Ketogenic diet can not only help you lose weight but manage your anxiety symptoms, too

About the Author

I’m a former practicing physician who currently focuses on helping those who suffer from anxiety. My other books include The Practical Buddhist – Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual and The Path of the Mindful Warrior – How to Develop the Inner Strength You Need to Work Alongside Type-A Personalities in the Modern Workplace. I live in the Silicon Valley with my partner Karen and a black cat named Aji.

Why is it priced so low?

I see my primary role in life helping as many people as possible to live an awakened and anxiety-free life. Money isn’t the primary focus, helping others is. I’ve made it equal to the price of a grande latte at Starbucks.

Pay What You Want