Life Experiment: 30 Posts in 30 Days in 30 Minutes or Less

In an effort to fight off creative boredom and get my writing chops chopping (chomping?) with more regularity, I’m embarking on a 30-day writing commitment here on

I have no plan for this other than to just crank out a daily post for the next 30 days and see how it feels. I have no topic plan, length of post plan, nothing.

Oh, and I can spend no longer than 30 minutes on each post, from inception to publication. Yeah, baby…this is serious stuff.  😆 

I’m also going to include original photography in each post, starting with the photo above of my desk at work that I took a few minutes ago. (I’m still successfully avoiding the use of my employer-issued PC laptop).

Each photo will capture a piece of my daily experience. They may not all be gorgeous photos, but they will be all be in black and white in keeping with the motif.

I’m all about the motif. Motif…yeah, I like that word. It just begs to be italicized, don’t you think?

I know, you’re thrilled

But please, try to contain yourself. 

This is going to be like Julia Cameron’s morning pages exercise except my whiny stream-of-consciousness type thoughts will be shared to the world or rather my 600+ readers…a number that I actually don’t believe it accurate judging from the lack of comments on my past posts.

Of course, that could just mean I write crap that no one cares about. Whatever. I write for my own sense of gratification anyway. 🙄

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. When I first read Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, I embarked on a similar project, but those writings weren’t published. But you have to love her guidelines for daily writing practice:

  1. Keep your hand moving (or typing my case)
  2. Loose control
  3. Be specific
  4. Don’t think
  5. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, or spelling (I’ll ignore this one)
  6. You are free to write the worst junk in America
  7. Go for the jugular

Where did this idea originate?

No clue. Actually, I do know. I was thinking this morning about how Ev Bogue used to post each day to his minimalist blog, Far Beyond the Stars, in the days before he kind of went off into the wilderness to recreate the decentralized web on a used Chromebook. It’s a long story.

This was at a time when minimalism was unique and living with less was intriguing. Now it feels like no one gives it much credence beyond the minimalist celebrities among us.

Perhaps the idea was in the ether and I inhaled…unlike Bill Clinton. OK, that’s it…enough bad jokes.

See you tomorrow for my first post du jour

By Baz

writer | coach | practical buddhist


  1. Love this, Barry! Inspired and inspiring!

    (All right, I’m listing my own fledgling site below, where it says to…This will inspire me to continue to develop it!)

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