morning zen – monk-ish wisdom for the workday

An alternative practice for starting your day

Instead of starting your day in the usual frenzied manner with your monkey-mind raging with thoughts about the day ahead, perhaps try these suggestions.

  • Before a meeting, try setting a clear intention for openness and inclusiveness. 
  • Bring your inner monk… aka your ‘best self,’ or your ‘higher nature’ to work.
  • Maybe today in the shower you focus on the scent of the shampoo and gratitude for the hot water instead of thinking about the 382 things you normally do.
  • When you eat lunch today, just eat lunch. When you sip coffee or tea, just sip. When you work, just work. When you listen, just listen. When you write, just write.
  • While getting ready for work, approach even the most mundane tasks (combing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc.) as if they were a sacred ritual.
  • When spilling coffee on your tie or blouse right before a meeting, instead of beating yourself up for being careless, maybe extend a little bit of compassion and consider your precious humanity.
  • Before reacting to a co-worker’s attitude, perhaps you take a moment to consider what kind of pain they might be experiencing.
  • When going out to lunch with a group, maybe mention to the one co-worker who seems troubled or unusually silent that you’re going to cover their lunch… just because.
  • Perhaps send some kindness to your harried food server at lunch today. A solid tip = good karma. 
  • After your evening commute, and before you get out of the car, take a few minutes to focus on your breath, acknowledging that it never leaves you and expressing gratitude for safe arrival.
  • When you look at yourself in the mirror today, whether in the morning while getting ready or at work or during the workday in the bathroom mirror, smile at your reflection and send yourself some compassion… you deserve it.
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By Baz

writer | coach | practical buddhist