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Being a Writer is Path Full of Blood, Sweat, and Tears

It comes down to a simple yet profoundly life-changing decision: Either you go pro or you don’t. The following posts talk about what motivates us, keeps us going, and empowers us even through the darkest times in our creative lives.

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What Are You Willing to Give Up to Make It As a Writer?

We didn’t have a Caddy, but our ’57 Ford was still a beauty.

I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s by two post-world War II ration-conscious, supply-stocking parents. Their earliest years were in the midst of the Great Depression and the realities of a world at war. They knew the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Given my dad was the sole-provider, we didn’t have everything we with wanted, but we did have everything we needed. It was against this backdrop that the foundational concepts of opportunity were presented, essentially that I could:

  • have anything I wanted
  • be anything I wanted to become
  • achieve anything I set my mind to
  • …if I was willing to work hard enough

What they didn’t tell me is the critical difference…

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The Gatekeeper Is Dead and The Only Person In Charge fo Your Writing Career is You

Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead! pc.

Today’s post is an overview of what publishing looks like today for the Rebel Writer. It’s 2017 and the options for publishing today are as wide open as the ocean. If you’re a writer, especially a Rebel Writer, you’d better get busy because as you’ll see, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be publishing…and getting paid to write.

It used to be that writers were at the mercy of several publishing industry professionals: agents, publisher’s representatives, even the lowly slush-pile reader. A ‘no’ response from any of these could almost certainly dash the hopes of even the most thick-skinned among us.

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To Brick, or Not to Brick: It’s No Longer Even a Question; Why Going All-In with Digital Books, Magazines, and Serials Can Make or Break a Writing Career

It’s a serious consideration.

What’s Bricking? Bricking is publishing a print book (a.k.a. a physical ego stroke) that’s unchangeable and non-scalable. It’s long been the dream of every writer to produce a brick and see their brick proudly displayed in a brickstore.

I dreamed of doing that. I even published a brick back before the Kindle and iBooks were things.

Bricking had it’s time in the spotlight; If you’re a writer who still thinks publishing a physical book is proof of being a writer, then you’re still stuck in the 2oth century.

Physical books should only be published for children and the elderly. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but in my opinion, so does chopping up trees to produce something that will likely be recycled anyway. I consider print books a waste of time, effort, and resources.

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Perfection Is the Enemy; Get Over It and Start Publishing

Perfection is the enemy of the creative.

Perfection is the enemy of the creative

Perfection doesn’t exist. Whether our quest is for the perfect motorcycle, the perfect wave, or the perfect smile… we waste our precious time in their pursuit. We fool ourselves into thinking that perfection is real and obtainable when it is, in fact, not.

Your first email subscription won’t be perfect; neither will your first sales page. But just as your first kiss, your first attempt at cursive writing, or even your first attempts at walking were awkward, they were good enough.

Good enough is your best friend…

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