Moving Out of My Home in 30 Minutes

The following is an excerpt from a wonderful book I’m reading on my Kindle. It’s called Goodbye, Things – The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki.

I can move out of my home in thirty minutes.

This spring, I moved into a new apartment. I didn’t do any packing beforehand and yet it only took thirty minutes to take everything out of my home, including the time it took to remove the light fixtures and unplug the washing machine. That’s how long it might take a person who needs time to decide what to wear before they leave their home. But in my minimalist style, I no longer need a lot of time to pack up my possessions. I’m able to move anywhere I like with the same casualness as stepping out for coffee.

While some might find this possibility absurd or impossible, I find it to be exhilarating.

The ability to move about the world at will and on a moment’s—or a 30 minute—notice is one of most exciting choices I think anyone could ever make. It represents a degree of freedom that I’m not certain I’ll ever attain, but one that I’m continually aiming toward.

The closest I’ve ever come was traveling for three weeks via planes, trains, and yes, automobiles across the US and back on a solo journey where I only used a Swiss Gear 20-liter backpack. It held everything I needed. 

While I might not be able to move to a new home in 30 minutes, I find it a worthy objective on my lifelong journey to live more with less.

By Baz

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