Perfection Is the Enemy

Perfection is the enemy of the creative.

Perfection is the enemy of the creative

Perfection doesn’t exist. Whether our quest is for the perfect motorcycle, the perfect wave, or the perfect smile… we waste our precious time in their pursuit. We fool ourselves into thinking that perfection is real and obtainable when it is, in fact, not.

Your first email subscription won’t be perfect; neither will your first sales page. But just as your first kiss, your first attempt at cursive writing, or even your first attempts at walking were awkward, they were good enough.

Good enough is your best friend 

And while that first kiss might have been awkward and your first few steps were probably a bit wobbly, they were good enough. They got the job done. They led to further exploration, a refinement of skill, and most likely better results. 

Good enough is what we’re really after as creatives. When we sacrifice perfection on the altar of creativity, we realize that we are, indeed, good enough. 

People buy good enough

My iPhone 7 Plus is good enough, but it’s far from perfect. The camera isn’t quite as good as the Samsung line of smartphone cameras but it’s good enough for taking truly stellar photographs.

My BMW R1150 GS isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough. It was good enough to get me safely across the United States and back over a three week period without a single problem last summer. It’s not the greatest touring bike in the world, but it’s good enough.

You’re good enough, too

You’re not a perfect writer, a perfect marketer, or a perfect businessperson. But you’re good enough. And good enough sells like gangbusters.

By Baz

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