SUBSCRIPTION MASTERMIND: The Best Way for You to Start Selling More of What You Write

My training manual, Subscription Mastermind: How To Package Your Existing Knowledge Into a Shareable and Profitable Resource, contains a complete the roadmap for starting and running a profitable email subscription program.

It’s a resource that educates and instructs you on how to identify, package, and offer a premium subscription program (short-term or evergreen) sharing what you already know that others want to learn.

“But wait,” you say… “I don’t have any knowledge anyone else would want to know, let alone pay for.” 

Yes, I’ve heard that many times before, but it’s a false assumption and here’s why.

~  Authors can release serial chapters to their readers
~ Consultants and coaches can drip online sessions to their clients
~ Online businesses can distribute premium materials
~ Chefs can provide recipes and tips for culinary aspirants
~ Guitar teachers can drip videos on chord progressions and techniques
~ Construction schedulers can send training updates in P6 to students
~ Retail store owners can provide private shopping hours
~ Busy moms can write toddler care tips and columns
~ Single dads can do the same
~ Fitness junkies can publish their running, lifting, weight-loss advice
~ Corporate desk jockeys can teach others how to survive corporate politics 

The applications really are endless and I want you to have this valuable resource….unless you’re OK with earning what you earn now and never want to go beyond your current socio-economic stratum.

If so, that’s cool. But I’m betting that you already can see the potential for this kind of online addition to your writing business.

I’ve created a sold several email subscriptions, both the STS and Evergreen models (I teach you about those in the manual) and have consistently earned very good money.

Here’s what’s inside Subscription Mastermind

The full training manual contains five additional chapters that guide you through each necessary step. 

The value of this information is hard to price

  • Just imagine if you set up just one email subscription program and it brought you and consistent monthly revenue of $500?
  • What if it really took off and brought you an additional $1,000 per month?
  • OK, let’s go crazy…what if it brought in $2,000 per month?
  • Bonkers time….what if it brought in $5,000 or even $10,000 per month?

Case Study: Did you know that a woman named Jayna Dall makes over $250,000 per year selling lessons plans for after school drama teachers? One of my mentors, Yaro Starak highlighted her on his podcast just recently.

I could easily charge $97 for this manual and it would sell like crazy. But the truth is, I’d rather sell it for a lot less and see you and others sell more of what you write! 

Is there a guarantee?

Of course, yes. I call it the ‘Are You Freaking Insane’ Guarantee. Here’s how it works….buy Subscription Mastermind and if you don’t think it delivers four times as much value as you paid for it, just email me and I’ll refund your money…no questions asked…except maybe….“Are you freaking insane?”

OK, that’s my lame sense of humor…. seriously, just email me and I’ll refund your money. No risk, no hassle. 

Yes, that means some people will take advantage of me…but whatever…I pity them because here’s what will happen…they’ll get their refund and then look at the manual and never take any action. Their life will never change.

It’s totally their loss

But you…’re motivated to sell more of what you write....and an email subscription program (or two… or three… or four) is a great way to do it. 

So here’s my rock-bottom price

Instantly Download Now – $27

When you click on the button, an overlay will appear and you can purchase the full manual in PDF without ever leaving my site.

Who loves you, baby?

Seriously, I know you’ll get tons of value from Subscription Mastermind…and you have nothing to lose.