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Minimalism at 60 – 5 Benefits from Living with Less in Our Twilight Years

Baby Boomers have accumulated a lot of stuff over the decades and now is the perfect time to embrace a lighter footprint.

I was born in 1957 and that means that I’m in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation. “Boomers” are generally those born within the 20 year period following World War II, roughly 1945 – 1965, and we are retiring in unprecedented numbers. 

Many of my fellow Boomers from high school (Alive in ’75!) are either considering retirement or have already done so and in the process have been forced to downsize their belongings in order to relocate to their chosen retirement location.

Downsizing, in this usage, simply means getting rid of all the crap we’ve accumulated over the last 40 years.  » More »

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