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My Process for Setting Habit-Based Goals That Are Guaranteed to Help You Live a Phenomenal Year

Each year in December I revise and republish this post. Originally written in 2015, the core principles haven’t changed, but finer points have been clarified. Truth be told, I’ve relaxed how I personally go about setting goals for the year (I’ll be writing about that in 2019), but I think there is value in reviewing the comprehensive approach.  Be well, and Happy Holidays! 

Why I Set Goals Each Year 

Because it results in a better life. Because nothing I want, need, or desire just drops into my lap. Because if I want to live an awesome life, I need to follow a plan.

Awesome lives don’t just happen; they are carefully planned and executed.”

What gets written down, gets done. I used to haphazardly dream up resolutions for the new year but seldom designed a plan to reach them. By January 31 they were a distant memory…just like the ones from the previous year. Then I wondered why my life sucked so much.  😯 

Like anything in life, you’ll get out of this exactly what you put in. Just setting loosely defined goals that aren’t relevant to your daily life or that are unsupported by a plan to accomplish them is a total waste of time. If this is where you are, you’re better off waiting for the Tooth Fairy to give you what you want from life. Good luck with that. » More »

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