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To Brick, or Not to Brick: It’s No Longer Even a Question

Bricks are for masons, not writers who want to get paid to write.

What’s Bricking?

Bricking is publishing a print book (a.k.a. a physical ego stroke) that’s unchangeable and non-scalable. It’s long been the dream of every writer to produce a brick and see their brick proudly displayed in a brickstore.

I dreamed of doing that. I even published a brick back before the Kindle and iBooks were things.

Bricking had it’s time in the spotlight; If you’re a writer who still thinks publishing a physical book is proof of being a writer, then you’re still stuck in the 2oth century.

Physical books should only be published for children and the elderly. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but in my opinion, so does chopping up trees to produce something that will likely be recycled anyway. I consider print books a waste of time, effort, and resources.

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