the path of the mindful warrior

If You Work For a Type-A Boss, You Need This Book

We all have buttons that get pushed by our Type-A bosses and colleagues. That’s because we’re wired differently. We’re wired with sensitivity and compassion and a desire to make all things better.

I like to think of people like you (and me) as Type-MWs (mindful warriors).

We all get caught up from time to time in the inner drama of reacting to our Type-A peeps. When we let it get the best of us, our inner drama queen can really make life miserable.

Pay What You Want

But there’s some good news…

Meditation can be both simple and secular. The 2,600-year-old practice of sitting in silence and just observing the monkey-mind rage about this and about that is the very thing that it can’t abide.

With enough practice, you’ll begin to notice that as soon as your Type-A boss emerges from her dark and hideous lair like the Gollum creature that she is, the quiet, calm, inner strength of the Mindful Warrior you’ve become makes her slink away into the dark recesses of Mental-Mordor once again.

(You gotta love that Lord of the Rings metaphor, right!)

Pay What You Want

The Path of the Mindful Warrior is a brief book that demonstrates how our minds react around Type-A individuals and how best to arm ourselves with the inner strength to resist their often times abusive behaviors.

I’ve had several Type-A bosses in my time and without fail each one a raging asshole. (Pardon my sailor-talk.) I’ve actually quit jobs before when I couldn’t along with them. However, quitting isn’t always the best way to go about it. If you need your job (and who doesn’t), then you need to learn the skills that can help.

Because you work for a Type-A personality, your workdays have the potential to be filled with toxicity in terms of poor attitudes, high levels of emotion, and negative energy that seems to exude from these individuals. To protect yourself from this daily onslaught of Type-A poison, you need to develop a protective shield of sorts. It’s really not so much a shield on the outside as it is one on the inside.

By using mindfulness practices for just 5-10 minutes per day, you can begin to actually change the way your neurobiology functions. Studies continue to show that mindfulness practice and meditation actually change the way the brain functions. They help make the brain more resilient, reduce the release of stress hormones that ultimately cause disease, and increases focus and clarity of mind.

Because you work in the fast-paced world of the corporation with its petty politics and impossible work demands, you need this protective inner shield more than ever.

Pay What You Want

I’m pleased to present, in the following pages, simplified and easy-to-follow directions for a simple meditation practice that you can use at home, in your car (while parked, obviously), or in the privacy of your office…if you’re lucky enough to have a door. I’m a former practicing physician who currently focuses on helping those who suffer from anxiety and mindfulness is an important element in combatting stress and anxiety.

My other books include The Practical Buddhist – Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual and Let That Sh!t Go – A Brief Practice Guide to Calming Your Mind Before Bed and Getting the Rest You Crave. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner Karen and one cat.

pay what you want

Because my mission in life is to help others discover how to eliminate their suffering through the awakening process. I want everyone who has struggled with working for a Type-A boss or colleague to be in a position to afford this resource.

Pay What You Want