To Brick, or Not to Brick: It’s No Longer Even a Question

Bricks are for masons, not writers who want to get paid to write.

What’s Bricking?

Bricking is publishing a print book (a.k.a. a physical ego stroke) that’s unchangeable and non-scalable. It’s long been the dream of every writer to produce a brick and see their brick proudly displayed in a brickstore.

I dreamed of doing that. I even published a brick back before the Kindle and iBooks were things.

Bricking had it’s time in the spotlight; If you’re a writer who still thinks publishing a physical book is proof of being a writer, then you’re still stuck in the 2oth century.

Physical books should only be published for children and the elderly. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but in my opinion, so does chopping up trees to produce something that will likely be recycled anyway. I consider print books a waste of time, effort, and resources.

May the Force of Unbricking Be With You

Forsaking the brick is the answer; it’s the answer for writers who truly want to get paid to write. It’s the answer for writers that want to create a scalable writing business and not just loiter in the dark alleys of writerdom.

Forsaking the brick makes the following possible:

  • getting paid to write
  • publishing most every day
  • attracting readers who want to buy
  • build a true writing business

Let’s look at each of these un-bricking rewards, shall we?

Un-bricking Reward #1: Getting Paid to Write

OK, let’s face it; You want to get paid for writing. It’s all you’ve ever wanted to do. I know this drive, this compulsion very well. I feel your pain, bro/sis. But getting paid to write isn’t going to happen if you’re married to the idea of the almighty brick in a brickstore.

The barriers are significant. There’s the first hurdle of getting your book read by an agent who is willing to shop it around various publishers. This isn’t a free service. It will come out of any advance you might receive should a publisher accept your book.

Then you have to study and pursue the marketing of your book all by your lonesome. No publisher will never invest a penny/pence/rupee on marketing a first-time author. It’s just not going to happen. It’s all you, baby. Then there’s arranging for distribution to brick stores, not to mention trying to get primo visual space in each brickstore.

If you publish an un-brick, the world is suddenly your oyster. Marketing, distribution, and visual appeal worries vanish…well not vanish completely but they become immensely more manageable. The biggest benefit to unbricking is that you can get paid today for a book that you unbricked yesterday. 

Un-bricking Reward #2: Getting Published Every Day is Free Marketing

Unbricking empowers you to publish every day. If you’re publishing to your own blog, Medium, a Facebook page, or somewhere else, you’ll be attracting readers. Sure it hard to write something and publish every single day, but no one said being a writer was easy. Who cares about whether you’re getting like or retweets, you’re honing the skill of writing and publishing every day. That’s doing the work; writing for social media candy isn’t.

Un-bricking Reward #3: Attracting Readers Who Want to Buy

You’re a writer who wants to get paid. You can’t do that without attracting readers. If you publish a brick and it manages to land in a brickstore, how is the reader going to know anything about you or your book?

Back cover copy doesn’t build trust. Relying on the cover and back cover copy isn’t reliable and rarely builds the kind of trust and loyalty that’s possible by publishing every day and attracting readers who will sign up to buy your un-brick when it’s released. 

Un-bricking Reward #4: Building a True Writing Business

 A writer who authors a one-off biography, non-fiction book, or novel…does just that. That isn’t a business and it isn’t going to buy you even a moderately used car. It might let you buy a decent guitar but beyond that, a single brick does not a business make.

You need to create a scalable business that enables your un-brick to be purchased over and over, around the world. I used to dislike the phrase ‘make money while you sleep.’ That is until I did it. In fact, I still do it. You literally can make money while you sleep but only if you un-brick. 

If you want to get paid to write, bricking isn’t the solution. Creating a scalable writing business is.

Note: To the ‘I like the feel of a real book’ crowd. That’s cute…but it’s what the average bookstore reader says. You’re a writer, damn it. Start acting like one! For the writer who wants to get paid, embracing that dated idea is the path to artistic frustration and disappointment.

Why are your thoughts on bricking and un-bricking? 

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By Baz

writer | coach | practical buddhist

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