The Practical Buddhist

Buddhism without the robes and ritual

The Practical Buddhist is for anyone searching for a more meaningful way of living and a clearer understanding of what it means to practice Buddhism without robes, ceremony, or ritual.

For nearly 30 years I searched for a secular way to live an ethical and meaningful life apart from the confines of organized religion. My experiences within Christianity and later, Kriya Yoga, led me to conclude that religion wasn’t the answer, that religion was created by man in his search for a more meaningful existence.

What you’ll learn by reading The Practical Buddhist

  • How Practical Buddhism differs from traditions that include ritual and ceremony
  • How to recognize the source of suffering
  • How to use the Eight-Fold Path as a means to eliminate suffering in your life
  • What Practical Buddhists think about prayer and the existence of God
  • Why Practical Buddhists hold no beliefs whatsoever
  • Why meditation is a key practice for achieving greater meaning in life
  • How to establish and maintain a meditation practice
  • How to practice mindfulness
  • How to be more compassionate and practice kindness
  • Plus a lot more

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