Wearing All Black Clothing – Results of a 4-Month Monochromatic, Minimalist Wardrobe Experiment

My current monochromatic wardrobe.

Four months ago, in this post, I outlined an experiment to wear only black clothing. Today’s post is a report on how the experiment is going and whether or not I’m going to continue only wearing black.

I began this experiment to simplify my choices and experience the benefits that I’ve heard accompany those trailblazers who made it popular, like Mark Zuckerburg of FaceBook who wears a gray t-shirt every day or former President Obama who, after catching hell for wearing a tan suit one day out of 8 years, wore only blue suits thereafter.

Each stated that with the hundreds of decisions they needed to make on a daily basis, not having to make one about their wardrobe each day was a no-brainer.

I’ve found this to be largely true as well, though none of the decisions I make have anything to do with selling customer names to Cambridge Analytica or tipping the balance of national security.

Still, it works for me on this level.

Comments I’ve received

The only negative comments I’ve received have been from those who, in my opinion, might be afraid to boldly plant their fashion flag on a hilltop and proclaim their style as their own, preferring instead to blend in with the fields of khaki-wearing cube dwellers across corporate America.

You be you, Kramer!

The head honcho in my office is an Executive VP who disdains wearing neckties as much as I do. He dresses in long-sleeved dress shirts and slacks or if it’s Friday, jeans and pullover.

He’s made it a point to notice, in a joking manner, when I’ve worn something other than black pullovers or black dress shirts. There is a dark gray half-sleeved casual button-up shirt with a pajama collar (think Kramer from Seinfeld) that I like to wear every once in a while and he always notices. 

Those in my office that do dress in ways that express their personality haven’t said anything negative. My favorite thus far is from Natalie who put it this way, “You be you, Barry.”

Yeah, I like that. Thanks, Nat.  😎 

I’ve even seen a young engineer in the office wear all black more often over the past few weeks. Who knows, it could go viral and I might be on the brink of becoming a world famous monochromatic fashionisto!   😉 

I actually don’t miss wearing colors and/or prints

I’ve never been too concerned with keeping up with fashion trends; I’ve always purchased and worn what feels and feels good. For example, neckties do not feel good and should be outlawed…but that’s just my opinion.

Karen doesn’t seem to mind either.

I don’t own a single necktie, but I do have a black sportcoat for when I need to ramp it up a bit as I did recently for employer’s holiday cocktail party. Besides, I’m an introvert and the last thing I want in social situations is attention. Blend in, Barry, blend in.

I thought I’d get bored with wearing black all the time, but surprisingly I haven’t. When I go shopping at Target or even name brand shops here in Irvine (of which there are many) for odds and ends I usually peruse the menswear section for any needs. I find myself not even considering an item if it isn’t black. 

I think it’s safe to say I’m going to continue wearing black for the foreseeable future.

Have a Happy Monochromatic New Year, everyone! 

By Baz

writer | coach | practical buddhist


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