What Are You Willing to Give Up to Make It?

We didn’t have a Caddy, but our ’57 Ford was still a beauty.

I was raised in the 60’s and 70’s by two post-world War II ration-conscious, supply-stocking parents. Their earliest years were in the midst of the Great Depression and the realities of a world at war. They knew the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Given my dad was the sole-provider, we didn’t have everything we with wanted, but we did have everything we needed. It was against this backdrop that the foundational concepts of opportunity were presented, essentially that I could:

  • have anything I wanted
  • be anything I wanted to become
  • achieve anything I set my mind to
  • …if I was willing to work hard enough

What my parents didn’t tell me

As great as these overtures of opportunity were, they weren’t the whole truth. What was missing from the seemingly magic formula for success was the cost factors involved in having everything I desired, becoming anything I wanted, and achieving anything I set my mind to.

What my parents omitted from their encouraging reach for the stars rah-rah-rah type of parenting was the fact that in order to reach the stars, you needed a spaceship and spaceships cost a lot of money.

Which was sort of ironic considering my dad was an actual rocket scientist.

The cost of getting what you want

There is a cost for everything in life. Even a free lunch has a hidden cost. That BOGO deal on tortilla chips at the supermarket that you like so much? It’s actually paid for by raising the prices on other items.

Successfully achieving your dreams of being a writer, a business owner, anything really….involves cost. There are obvious costs for education, training, and equipment, but there’s also the one most people don’t ever mention…

The cost of what you have to give up in order to succeed

Pick any person who has worked to become successful, and they’ll tell you that it hasn’t been without significant cost or sacrifice.

Do me a favor? Take an honest look at your life and identify what’s getting in the way of you doing the rock and achieving your dreams.

Then ask yourself, what part of my life can I do without in order to achieve my dream of becoming a ________?

For some, it’s giving up their addiction to their television or 24/7 media streaming. For others it might be the shadow career they’re pursuing in order to not turn pro.

What holds you back from making it?

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By Baz

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