What Past Clients Say About Working with Barry

I’ve worked with some of the most successful firms in the world and this is what they had to say…

“Barry did an excellent job helping us to assemble a very professional proposal document on a recent design build procurement. Barry helped significantly by streamlining and organizing our narrative, reinforcing our key sales messages, and he demonstrated a great deal of creativity in assessing and evaluating our appications of graphics within the proposal. Barry has a good understanding of our industry, and helped our team to focus on our key differentiators which enhanced the quality of our document. I would work with Barry on another proposal effort in the future.”    -John D., Skanska USA.

“Consummate Professional” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Barry Morris. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Barry for two years at Granite. During that time I was particularly impressed by his seemingly effortless ability to handle even the most complex proposals and develop winning strategies. Barry is an effective leader who is thoughtful, knowledgeable and particularly adept at working with diverse groups of people and balancing competing interests. I highly recommend Barry and look forward to working with him in the future.”  -Kendra F., Granite Construction Co.

“I worked with Barry on a number of large alternative delivery pursuits. His attention to detail, knowledge, and willingness to do whatever needed to be done to successfully deliver a proposal made him easy to work with and I enjoyed each project that we collaborated on to deliver. I look forward to working with him again in the future on projects.”  -Danica M., Principal, Red Team-Go

“Barry is an experienced proposal manager, he has great knowledge and understanding of owners requirements from Federal, State and private clients. He applies this knowledge to well thought out and detailed proposals with an impressive success rate.”   -Ken K., VP Granite Construction Co.

“Barry was a tremendous support throughout the proposal process. He understands the overall timeline of a proposal process from developing initial content to refining the final document that is presented to the client. He was strategically brought in for support during critical phases of the project and was able to deliver a high level of support. I highly recommend Barry for proposal consulting.” – Justin M., Skanska USA

“Barry is an excellent communicator, and he is an unflappable manager of people and projects. I have worked with him as part of several project teams and have always respected his professionalism, especially under stressful conditions with tight deadlines. He would be an asset to any company or client needing professional management, writing and/or communication skills.”  -Beth S., Megaprojects Team, HNTB 

“Barry and I worked together on several complex projects. Barry is extremely organized and focused on the success of the team. His written communication skills are excellent and he has great insight into what the owners are really looking for and added great value in how our team responded to the RFQ’s and RFP’s.” – Lloyd N., Dragados USA

“I worked with Barry on several high profile large projects, and I found him to be respectful, professional, responsive and detail oriented. Besides that he is a nice guy! I would highly recommend him!”  –Nancy V., Paralegal, Granite Construction Co.

“One thing that stands out about Barry is his ability to transform multiple technical write-ups and into a single document that tells a unified story about the project. Barry and I worked together on several successful design-build pursuits. As Proposal Manager, Barry was instrumental in developing the overall pursuit schedule including deadlines for deliverables, scheduling and coordinating proposal reviews, working with his direct reports to develop graphics and managing the timely production of the proposal deliverables.   -Jason B., The Walsh Group

“Barry’s professionalism always carried through every aspect of his work product.”  -James W., VP, Granite Construction Co.

“Barry is well versed in developing proposals that while succinct provided potential clients with the information necessary to evaluate our experience and qualifications.”   -William J., Corporate Safety Manager, Granite Construction Co.

“Barry was an asset to our firm while he was with us. He is multi-talented and has extensive skills in many areas that can be useful in the workings of a firm. He was eager to assist and take on new assignments. He is very intelligent.”    -David L., Principal, Watry Design, Inc.

“Barry brings a solid set of skills and good team play to the proposal process.”   -Steve H., Dragados USA

“Barry is a hard working, detail-oriented individual and possesses an excellent understanding of technical proposal goals and requirements. Barry produced several successful proposals, most notably, the SOQ and technical proposal for the Carmel River Reroute and San Clemente Dam Removal project . I have enjoyed working with Barry through the years.”   -Alber Y., Chief Estimator, Granite Construction Co.

“I was brought in to help with the Red Team review and complete final edits on a complex design-build proposal which had many firms to coordinate and many pieces to manage. Barry Morris was the prime consultant’s proposal manager. He kept the two-day Red Team review focused and moving forward, solving problems that threatened to slow the process down and reconciling different points of view to get to the final document. He was calm despite many challenges and easily kept differing perspectives from becoming arguments. He provided effective leadership to get the Red Team review completed on schedule so the final edits could be done and the document submitted on time.” -Bernie S., The Siben Consult

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