Don’t Let Poor Writing Skills Hinder Your Non-Profit’s Chances of Attracting the Funding It Needs or Limit Your Career Opportunities

Dr. Barry W. Morris (but my friends call me Baz)

ED’s, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs ~  You Must Have Excellent Writing Skills to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

“You might be a brilliant Executive Director at a non-profit, an engineer at Apple or Google, or a DIY entrepreneur developing the next killer app, but you’ll forever be hindered if you can’t communicate in writing. Your career will fizzle faster than Donald Trump can hurl an insult.”

Hi, I’m Barry. My business writing skills won clients over $5 billion on projects over an eight-year period. I’ve also published three books, and hundreds of blog posts. But enough about me…let’s talk about you.

Your Career Matters

You studied and worked hard to get where you are; It would be a pity to waste that preparation and work on a lackluster career. Here’s the honest truth, from one who’s hired and fired hundreds of employees over the years:

It doesn’t matter what degree you earned or what flashy company you work for, if you can’t write your way out of a paper bag, your career will be severely limited. 

You’ll never get the promotion or the salary you deserve. You’ll not be part of the chosen few that every company unofficially hand-picks for advancement. You’ve never be a company officer nor will you be able to make the valuable connections necessary in today’s business climate.

What Can You Do?

Work with me to become a better, more natural, and more effective writer. Whether you want to write complex business documents or inter-office email, the basic principles are the same and easy to learn with guidance.

How I Can Help



Ongoing coaching sessions for working through creative issues can take a few or many sessions. My approach is adapted to the issue you wish to work through based on our initial conversation and resulting sessions.

  • Single Sessions (all sessions are 75 Minutes) – $135
  • 3-Session Package – $375
  • 6-Session Packages (best value) – $700*
  • *payment plans available


General Editing, Document Review, Improving Your Writing

Some clients need other types of help and I’m happy to provide this.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall writing ability, need help with your blogging strategy or DIY publishing, I have years of experience in all of these areas.

Please click here to send me a note about how I can best help you become the writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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