The Difference Between a Reader and a Writer

Which are you?


Are only interested in the final product; the look and feel of a brick; the solution to a problem or an escape from their reality.


Do the work every day //  they publish every day //  they sit and think a lot // they take notes in their journal // they explore their ideas // they pour over their outlines or mind maps // they sweat over their cover art and back cover copy because even un-bricks need back cover copy // they draft and get frustrated // they revise and edit into the night // they drink way too much coffee or tea // some drink way too much alcohol or snort too much bad juju // they create detailed profiles of their readers // they get into the heads of their readers by asking questions in blog post // they risk rejection by asking for feedback from their reader base // they somehow find time to read quality materials // their reading directly impacts the tenor and tone of their writing // they wear out their Apple keyboards or Macbook keys // they pace around their studio thinking about their readers’ challenges // they work out complex plot problems while lifting dumbbells // they awake in the middle of the night with an epiphany about their book’s subtitle // they fumble around for pen and paper or phone to jot it down // they get up making notes about the thoughts that follow the midnight epiphany // they listen to podcasts (or the soundtrack to Hamilton) at the gym while thinking about their next project // they lie awake at night after they finish their current project // they lean into the uncertainty that follow project completion // they silently recite good poetry in iambic pentameter or free-form rap // they type so fast they screw up and have to go back later for clean up duty // they think, create, and think some more // they take online courses in writing and marketing // they learn about and implement list-building strategies // they take part in conferences unless they’re introverts // they send countless emails to their readers with little response // they don’t lose sight of their goals  // they meditate and do yoga and run / they get disgusted with their thighs and overall girth // they eat too much junk food when they don’t have a current project // they spend hours on Amazon looking at the tables of contents of books similar to theirs  // they reluctantly do their taxes each quarter // they do the work everyday // they smile when their friends suggest they get a real job

So….Which are you?

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