why liberate your inner monk?

Because it’s only way to live a full and meaningful life that’s outside the illusion of our egos, ambitions, and false narratives of success.

Over the many years that I’ve owned this domain, I’ve written about several topics, including minimalism and living with less, finding your deepest work, and how to use a simple notebook to organize your life. Each of these topics was actually a search for me most authentic Self.

We aren’t what we think we are, we’re something much better.

However, as I traverse deeper into my spiritual path of mindfulness and awakening daily to its freshness and insight, I understand that all the foci of the past point toward the ultimate goal of awakening from the illusions of the mind.

The illusion is that “we are what we think.”

However, like in the film The Matrix, our thoughts do not represent reality for they are our ego’s running commentary. This commentary sucks us in and we believe it to be a true representation of reality.

The Buddha taught that only through the practices of meditation and mindfulness can we find our true selves, the part of each of us that is beyond thought—where the authentic Self sits. 

It is only through union with this ever-present Self, the part of us that is beyond life and death, that we can awaken.

Uncovering and empowering the authentic Self

The Self (with a capital S) is how many spiritual teachers refer to the ever-present observer of thoughts, our most authentic Self. 

My mission is to help others awaken

Ever since writing The Practical Buddhist, I’ve considered it my mission to help others awaken. As I transition to my seventh decade and I reflect on all I’ve learned along this spiritual path, I am filled with a sense of renewed purpose around this sacred trust. 

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